Creating Curiosity

Educating and Cultivating the minds of our next generation Cyber Warriors.


The vision at AIT is ground breaking for the cybersecurity educational arena. Our path is challenging in many ways from educational system penetration, distribution of courseware and acceptance of a new way of thinking. This opportunity is one that we are ready to seize, after having spent the last three years planning an individualized and rigorous mentoring program that supports our vision.

AIT converges underserved youth with top security technology experts to prepare school age students with cutting edge skills and ethics training to meet the acute, critical shortage for cybersecurity specialists.


AIT's academic program is designed to inspire students' intellectual curiosity and confidence. Our program utilizes what some call unconventional techniques to match curiosity with skills development. All AIT students take classes in core subjects - Networking, Programming, Mathematics and Ethics - as well as Thought leadership and Critical decision making.

Our interdisciplinary approach to learning includes extensive hands on training and service learning projects that provide students with an opportunity to apply those skills and knowledge they gain in a real world scenario. Our mentors continue with their students for years to avoid the needless "learn what you can in a week" approach which is failing our communities across all vertical markets.


Charter schools do not receive public funding for facilities, often using dollars designated for programming to offset maintenance or rental costs. AIT intends to build a strong non-profit organization with no debt and healthy operating reserves. However, to support this vision to meet our students expectations and needs, as well as build a capital reserve for future costs, we need to seek additional funds from public and private sources.

AIT maintains its 501-C3 status to support this vision through grants and private sector Philanthropists. We also produce programs for the online learning community and we are developing very solid relationships in the higher learning community.


Please consider making a donation to the AIT "Launch Fund". We are currently seeking grants from the Federal Government as well as approaching Private Sector Industry leaders for our initial rounds of funding. Our goals require a tremendous amount of financing; however we are meeting the needs of the fastest growing job sector in the world.

Any donation no matter how small will make a difference in the lives of our students!

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